Amazing eco-friendly paper decoration ideas

24 Jan 2022
Sunil Rakholiya

Are you looking for eye-catching paper decoration ideas? We've got to cover all the easy paper decoration items to give a fresh look at your party venue. check out some amazing inspiration to make a beautiful backdrop. Use paper garland hangs them on the backdrop wall. To highlight, the backdrop uses Colourful paper fans to stick them on decorated paper garlands.

Here we cover some eye-catching paper decoration items

  1. Party paper lanterns
  2. Honeycomb Ball
  3. Paper Fan
  4. Foot Crepe Streamer
  5. Puff Balls
  6. Lantern Garland

1)Party paper lanterns

Would you like to use this wonderful paper decoration item? Paper lanterns are a versatile and cost-effective way to decorate your party venue. A huge collection of multicolor paper lanterns are easily available in the market. You can simply hang it on the ceiling.

 Paper lanterns create a classy look to your simple party space. These paper lanterns can easily expand into round decorations. suitable for birthday weddings, graduation, and other events.

2)Honeycomb ball

Paper honeycomb balls look great when you hang them on a backdrop to decorate your wall. the flower balls are easy to use, each flower with a one-yard thin ribbon can easily hang. use to make the beautiful backdrop, is suitable for home decoration, birthdays, new year, anniversary indoor as well as outdoor parties.

 You can simply fold honeycomb balls and reuse them for the next events. as it is made with premium quality tissue papers.

3)Paper fans

Select eco-friendly, colorful, easy to use paper fans to compliment your party celebration. here we use pink, yellow, green fans you can buy according to your party theme.

  It is possible to make a simple backdrop with an elegant look that can use as photo props and backdrop both. Hang all the colorful paper fans on walls it can be a great addition if you add lighting. artificial flowers are just cherry on the cake in simple party decorations.

4)Foot Crepe Streamer

Paper streamers are one of the affordable &easy ways to decorate your party venue. Make sure you choose vibrant colors according to party themes. Make a good color combination of latex balloons and streamers to glam up your backdrop.

5)Puff Balls

Select this fantasy party stuff for your princess’s birthday. Bring beautiful pink party puff balls and hang them on walls to fluff up your backdrop. Happy birthday banner & lightings, honeycomb garland to glam up your party venue. The dessert table is equally important as a backdrop. Set up a lovely dessert table and make it the center of attraction that grabs everyone’s attention.

6) Mini paper fan decoration

Decorate your venue with Mini paper fan decoration On the special occasion of your princess’s first birthday party. Stylish party items come in bright colors with 1st and butterfly detailing and are pretty enough to transform your simple venue into a classic affair.