Colourful Balloon Weights that suit your balloons

17 Dec 2021
Sunil Rakholiya
types of balloon weight

Balloon weight is an easy way to make a beautiful balloon bouquet. you can simply create beautiful table centerpieces. The best thing about this balloon is that it is heavy & reusable. There are numerous balloon decoration ideas to glam up your party, but balloon bouquets are easy yet time-saving as they are perfect for all occasions including birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, and sports events. and suitable for both indoors and outdoor party decorations.

1) Pyramid balloon weight

Wanna surprise your loving kids? Look at these cute pyramid balloon weight pyramid balloon weights and how beautifully it holds colorful confetti transparent balloons or balloon ribbons. Just imagine your kids just came out from his room and he got this surprise. Balloon weight can hold up to 8 latex balloons or 10 foil balloons. tie a bunch of balloons with whatever you like: foil, latex, transparent balloons. Create this view for your kid's birthday party and special moments.

2) Arrange a romantic date with Star balloon weight

Bring all the shiny stars to your space. and capture a lovely moment in your eyes. create special moments with your partner by giving them an eye-catching surprise. you only need to do is bring high-quality star-shaped balloon weights, shiny balloon strings and choose balloons from helium, latex, transparent balloons.100 grams balloon weight can easily hold up to a large cluster of balloons. arrange a lovely stargazing date night on the terrace decorate your place with star-shaped foil balloons & balloon weights hold a bunch of balloons light up some scented candles and a warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate are enough to set your romantic stargazing date night.

3) Tie up your balloons with plastic balloon weight

Are you excited to make your kid's birthday party extra special? A Birthday party comes with a bunch of excitement & happiness. plastic balloon weights are an easy yet pocket-friendly idea to fill all the happiness in your life by lightening up your place. Pick a suitable theme and collect it all to create an unforgettable memory that you can indulge throughout the year.

4) Foil balloon bouquet

Aren’t these beautiful gift ideas to bring a big smile to your kid's face. select beautiful colors of lovely latex balloons & foil balloons inflate them with a helium pump and tie them with balloon strings. Choose shiny foil balloon weights to hold your balloons together. Set a professional look at your venue by setting up a beautiful balloon bouquet on the center table.